Free Stuff

"Information wants to be free."

"Anything free is worth what you paid for it."

"Property is theft."---Pierre Proudon , my old Cg library code for double-float computing, ca. 2004/2006. This code is offered as is for research and experimental use, with no guarantees of correctness nor assumption of liability for damage caused by use or misuse. See the technical report on my papers page for details about the implementation. It's quirky, antique, and very dependent on the particular floating point behavior of the particular GPU. If you're looking for double-doubles or quad-doubles in CUDA, this isn't what you want. (See work by M. Lu, "Extended Precision on Graphics Processors" 2010, for that stuff.)
Font repair for FTGL , contains submarin.ttf and repaired Submarine.ttf
LaTeX Proposal and Thesis Templates
mp2stuff.tgz , contains mpeg2encode, mpeg2decode and documentation--needed for mpeg-encoding by Imagemagick software under Linux. This code is not supported anywhere, as far as I know.